Rodent Trapping / Treatments

Rodents do look cute but can cause real problems in your home or business if an infestation is not tackled quickly and professionally.

Many thousands of pounds worth of damage can be caused by what initially seems like a small problem.

Our prices for rodent trapping start from £60 – contact us now for a quote.

Rats, Mice, Moles, Glis Glis, Grey Squirrel, Rabbits

Rodents can turn up in our homes, lofts, garages, sheds, businesses, fields or gardens. They can be present in great numbers.

Cage traps can be used to catch and identify the target species, then kill traps or specialised traps used to remove them.


Can be extremely difficult to tempt to a trap, sometimes poison is the preferred treatment

Glis Glis

Glis Glis
A pre-hibernation Glis Glis

Glis Glis (edible dormice) were not originally native to the UK but were accidentally introduced to South East England in Victorian times. They can now present a real problem and can be present in great numbers in a single property.

Can only be trapped under licence, using specific trapping methods only. These creatures must not be released back into the wild


Can be shot, trapped, or property proofed against invasions.

Cage traps can be effective on known runs.

Kill traps are particularly good set in tunnels, all must be checked regularly.