Insect Treatments

Lots of people have an aversion to all types of insects, but although they are seen as creepy-crawlies insects perform a vital role in the ecosystem.

Professional management of persistent insect problems can eradicate the pest but maintain the natural environment.


Spray treatments are very effective, BUT, normally involves the whole household. Furniture, beds, personal items, must normally be moved to allow treatment.

Powder treatments can be utilised, but can be harmful to pets.

Flies (cluster)

Hibernate in lofts in their thousands, can be an awful nuisance, dead and dying flies on carpets and window sills. Ultra low volume mist sprays very effective.

If constant invasion is suffered maybe a residual spray treatment before the event might be considered.


Can be treated at various stages of development, with sprays, or ultra violet traps.


Liquid in bait stations can be placed in the affected areas, powders and sprays can also be used.


New formulations of bait are very good at controlling these pests. Powder and spray treatments can back up the initial treatment with bait if required.

Bed Bugs

A treatment for these, to be effective, will probably entail dismantling most of your home. Sprays and powders will be used; the disruption to home life is total.

Other Bugs

Sprays and powders can be used, location of bugs can be a deciding factor.