Bird Control

Britain is famous for its fantastic array of birds that visit our gardens, but some species can cause a nuisance.

Verminoff’s specialist treatments sympathetically remove the problem species and leave you to enjoy your homes and gardens.

Feral Pigeons

These birds normally have to be removed manually because of youngsters in nests.

Buildings also have to be proofed against re entry.

May also be shot.

Wood Pigeons

Wood pigeons can be devastating on vegetable crops in spring and winter. They attack leaf crops as seedlings and mature plants in hard weather. Netting above crops deny access. Shiny moving objects and plastic bags are very good as dissuading these visitors.

Can also be shot.

Other Birds

Various species get into lofts and under the eves of houses. They should be removed (if not nesting) and the building proofed against re entry.