Calendar of Pests

The annual cycle of months in Britain brings many different problems to homes and businesses.

Here is a monthly of what to look out for that may help in identifying any problems that you may have in the home, garden or business.


Squirrels become very active, searching for a mate, creating territories, pushing last years young away.

Rats and mice are feeling the cold and food stocks are running out.

Foxes are in breeding season can be noisy, scent marking, smelly excrement

Moles are on the move. Lawn damage.


Female foxes are looking for a den. Under the shed?

Moles are still a nuisance. Lawn?

Last years young squirrels looking for a home. Lofts can be used.

Birds start looking for a nest site, under eves, in lofts.

Rats and mice still a problem


Birds in roof spaces.

Rabbits start to be a problem in the garden.

Wood pigeons raid seedlings.

Foxes now have established dens, damage to bin bags.


Fox cubs appear, garden damage.

Young birds hatch, noise and droppings from the roof space, did you proof  it.

Glis Glis, edible door mouse may start to come out of hibernation, noises in the loft.

Rabbits on the increase.

Cluster flies may start to appear on window sills.


Here comes summers flush of problems.

Fox cubs, start to systematically destroy your garden, Fleas can start to be a problem, and pets are now under threat. Watch out for mange.

Glis Glis ever more lively, these rodents can live in large family groups, they love to chew everything. They fall into water tanks, pinch fruit, carry fleas. I removed 60 from one house, it took seven weeks. The electrical damage was awful, as was the excrement and urine smell.

Wasps, bees and hornets are stirring.

Rabbit, numbers still on the increase.

Rats and mice take up residence near to a food source, bird tables, chicken houses, Rabbit cages.


A Grey Squirrel
A Grey Squirrel

Foxes are growing bigger and braver.

Squirrels become a problem on bird tables.

Rat and mouse numbers rising

Glis Glis are feeding up to breeding condition.

Young birds may fledge, repair roof.

Wasps, bees and hornets getting established nest sites.


Foxes, fleas, damage, noise.

Squirrels, damage to lofts and gardens.

Rats and mice, food and property damage.

Rabbits, damage to plants and garden.

Glis Glis, damage to lofts, electrical, noise.

Wasps, bees and hornets, nuisance.

Ants, indoors.


Foxes almost full grown, starting to wander. Flea infestation at its height.

Wasps becoming a problem in garden areas, lofts, garages and sheds.

Bees an occasional problem can usually be moved.

Glis Glis (edible dormouse) should be outside foraging for food, some prefer to stay in lofts, sheds and out buildings. They steal food usually fruit, numbers will start to increase, they can be infested themselves with fleas.

Various insects at this time of year become a problem, some are imported by us, and some migrate here.

Rabbits, property and plant damage.

Rats and mice are damaging our sheds and other outbuildings.

Ants, the flying kind if indoors can be a problem, treat the nest early to avoid them.

Bed bugs, be ever watchful, if you bring them home from holiday destinations are very difficult to eradicate.


Foxes might move on leaving you to clear up the mess.  Filling in the den brings its own problems, BEWARE!!! The fleas left behind have nothing to feed on except you. They can render the garden unusable. Poultry and pets under a greater threat.

Rats and mice always present a problem.

Feral pigeons never stop breeding, constant mess on and around nest sites.

Squirrels with their offspring raid bird feeders.

Wasps, OH! Those wasps.

Glis Glis by now have a whole new generation; they are argumentative, noisy, and destructive and carry fleas.

Bed bugs can be everywhere, hotels and even public transport.


Be prepared! All critters will be looking for winter shelter, food and warmth.

Glis Glis are preparing to hibernate, in lofts and sheds,

sometimes in drawer units within the house. They sometimes make a food store.

Rats and mice preparing winter food stores may even just move in.

Wasps are becoming a little dopy, stinging sooner rather than later, they should die off now.

Squirrels collecting food bury it all over the garden, sometimes they store it in loft spaces.

Moles start to move now to winter feeding sites.

Fleas come home with the cats.

Wood pigeons can start to be a nuisance on mature crops.

Young Foxes are struggling to feed themselves.

Cluster flies infest lofts in their thousands

November / December

Things should become a little easier now.

Fleas on pets.

Rats and mice are always looking for food and shelter.

Rabbits on vegetables, Pigeons too!

Moles still active.

Flies and other insects move in with us.

Foxes in town raid rubbish bags and bins.